Casey Wayman

Casey has been doing improv since high school when Steve pulled him aside and told him he might have a knack for it. (yes Steve, I blame you for this.) Since being in Absoludicrous he’s also performed with Laughing Stock, but mostly enjoys doing improv with his team. If you were to ask Casey who he really was he’d answer:

Who am I? Shouldn’t you be asking yourself that question? The story of my life is not one for the faint of heart or weak of bladder. If someone told you it was just another mundane, ordinary life. . .if someone told you that I just waltzed through life without a care in the world. . .then someone told you a big fib. No matter what may come my way I will never forget these words: “Wash. Rinse. Repeat.” This is my gift. . .my curse. Who am I? Just your friendly, neighborhood Way-Man.

Finally, sorry ladies but Casey is taken by one of the most beautiful girls around and he’s lovin’ every minute of it!


One response to “Casey Wayman

  1. Carolee Barker

    Hi Casey,
    Absoluticrous came to our ward last week and I wanted to drop a note and say thanks. Our family really enjoyed ourselves and had a good laugh. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then I thought you’d enjoy hearing this. The other night my 7 and 9 year old kids stopped me and asked if I would play absoluticrous freeze tag with them. They were so excited! Congratulations on your continuing success and keep up the good work!

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